Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweet Potato Chips

My garden is producing sweet potatoes very well this year and I have a good crop of the golden ones at the right size now and a crop of the purple white-fleshed ones to follow in a few weeks.

I was peckish this afternoon and made myself a quick snack of sweet potato chips.

This was the easiest snack food and they were terrific - OK, not all of them were, but the third batch were pretty fine indeed.

I had to play to get the oil to the right temperature but once it was there they went along well.

I probably should have taken some photos, but they didn't last long enough.

Very easy, very enjoyable and I knew exactly what went into them.

To make them yourself get a good fresh sweet potato, wash and dry it (drying is important to stop oil splattering), slice it thinly - you can use a broad bladed grater or a vegetable peeler to get nice regular slices.

Heat up some good frying oil - canola, sunflower and other light oils seem to work the best.

Scatter a good handful of slices across the oil and whip them out as soon as they get a nice toasty colour.

Drain and season with some salt and ground pepper.

It takes a little work but the result is much nicer than chips from the supermarket.

(For the record I and Mrs Grendel consider 'Pringles' and their ilk to be an abomination and the creators of the same shall be condemned to an everlasting hell of peeling potatoes while standing hip deep in a vat of boiling chilli seed oil while listening to Mariah Carey)

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