Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sangria is a traditional Spanish summer red-wine punch. There are any number of recipes for sangria and generally with the basics of fruit juice and red wine to begin with you can improvise endlessly to find one you enjoy.

I made a jug today and have been enjoying it slowly through the evening.


1 Apple, diced
1 Orange, diced
1 lime, diced
60ml Triple Sec (Orange Liqueur)
100ml Port
500ml citrus juice (I used a lemon/lime/orange blend)
400ml red wine (you may increase or decrease this to your taste!)


Dice the fruit, pour the alcohol and fruit juice over the top (easy eh?)

Let it chill in the fridge - the fruit pieces soak up alcohol nicely.

Serve chilled over ice.

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Clare said...

How would this rate on the boozerometer Grendel? Is it mildly alcoholic in flavour or is it a good healthy dose of alcohol? It makes me wonder if traditionally, is sangria supposed to be more fruit driven or alcohol driven??
Nice looking blog Alli and Michael!